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There are many software packages from simple and free to complex for controlling / programming LEDs.

  • Madrix
    • More common LED control system, proficient in 3D volumetric LED pixel-mapping, Often seen in club installations
  • MadMapper
    • Originally a projection mapping tool with pixel-mapping added
  • Resolume
    • started as VJ software / media server, now has pixel-mapping
  • TouchDesigner
    • visual development environment conducive to interactive, projection, and wide variety of systems control development, including pixel-mapping
  • ArKaos
    • started as media server software, now includes pixel-mapping
  • LightJams
    • media server software that includes some pixel-mapping
  • ChamSys MagicQ
    • media server software that includes some pixel-mapping
  • ProtoPixel
    • works with ProtoPixel's LED controller
  • gLEDiator
    • simple free JAVA based LED matrix control software
  • GeoPix
    • LED design / control software being developed in TouchDesigner by Enviral Design
  • Jinx
    • simple free LED matrix control software