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Welcome to WikiLEDia. A Wiki about all things LED, though mostly focused on the Addressable / "Pixel" style.

  • Chip Types - from APA to WS, all the different microchips that allow control of LEDs
  • Form Factors - differences between Strips, Strands, Strings, Orbs, Domes, etc...
  • Power Considerations - power supplies, cabling, amperage / voltage / wattage and how they all relate
  • Controllers - the things that actually tell the drivers (chips) what to do. Also stand-alone external drivers should go here for non-addressable (boring) regular LEDs
  • Software - the programs that allow control of the controllers that control the drivers that light up the LEDs
  • Mounting - cases (IE. for control / psu), extrusions, silicone tubing, diffusers, heat sinks, modular systems, etc...