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World Semi

  • WS stands for World Semi (their site might be down, or is this the wrong link?)
  • Variants are:
    • WS2801 - Older protocol? 4 pin version (unlike other WS) that requires a data and clock input
    • WS2803 - Older 18 Channel (28 pin) PWM LED Driver Chip (LEDs not included)
    • WS2811 - Generally refers to the chip that is not integrated with the actual LEDs aka it's usually an 8-Pin SOIC (Small Outline Integrated Circuit) that takes Data withOUT a clock signal and controls 3 LEDs (Typically Red Green and Blue) and then passes along the data signal minus those first 3 values.
    • WS2812 - The original (?) integrated LED and driver chip package aka it's a 5050 sized SMD (5mm by 5mm) square that has not only a miniaturized WS2811, but also connected Red, Green and Blue LEDs fit into said 5050 package. Takes in ~5VDC and data, outputs data minus first 3 values to the next chip.
    • WS2812b - Newer updated version of WS2812
    • WS2813 - Newer updated version of WS2812b with backup data line capabilities allowing pass-through data should one chip die (two in a row dying is still a problem)
    • WS2815 - 12VDC native chip with backup data line capability (similar to WS2813)
    • WS2815A - Uses a WS2819 IC? 5050 size surface mount
    • WS2818 - Same idea as WS2813 but in SOIC, DIP or MSOP 8pin format like the WS2811. aka not integrated with LED.
      • WS2818A - 5V
      • WS2818B - 12V
      • WS2818C - 24V
    • WS2821
    • WS2832
    • WS2836???

APA Electronics

Made by APA Electronics Inc.?

  • APA102 - clock line required - older, square lens (also comes in smaller 3535 SMD and newer smaller 2020 SMD)
  • APA102c - updated version of APA102 (aka still requires clock) - round lens similar to shape of WS2812
  • APA104 - no clock - same protocol as ws2812?
  • APA109 - APA chip integrated into RGBW 5050 SMD - Warm, Neutral, and Cool White versions?


  • LPD6803 - 3 Channel Driver Chip
  • LPD6806 - 6 Channel Driver Chip
  • LPD8803 - 3 Channel Driver Chip (compatible with LPD6803)
  • LPD8806 - 6 Channel Driver Chip (compatible with LPD8803)
  • LPD1882
  • LPD1889
  • LPD6812
  • LPD1883
  • LPD1886
  • LPD1106
  • LPD6813
  • LPD1101

Titan Micro?

  • TM1906
  • TM190
  • TM1916
  • TM1914
  • TM1814
  • TM1814_38mA
  • TM512
  • TM1812
  • TM1804
  • TM1809
  • TM1803 0.4MHz
  • TM1926
  • TM1913
  • TM1829

MacroBlock ?

  • MBI5001
  • MBI5168
  • MBI5016
  • MBI5026
  • MBI5027
  • MBI6024
  • MBI6023
  • MBI6021

Suzhou United Core?

  • UCS512
  • UCS6909
  • UCS6912
  • UCS1903
  • UCS1909
  • UCS1912
  • UCS8904

DMS? ?

  • P9813
  • P9883?

Shenzhen LED Color? ?

  • SK6812
  • SK6822

SunMoon? ?

  • SM16716
  • SM16726
  • SM16711
  • SM16703
  • SM16709
  • SM16712

Other Chips (move up here from below when you have more info)

Raw Messy Rough List of Chip Types that I've seen mentioned in places

D705 D715



MY9221 has MY9933, MY9931, MY9943, MY9942, MY9941, MY9291, MY9221, MY9231 under "LED Lighting" has MY9748, MY9366, MY7122, MY9269, MY9263, MY9262, MY9221, MY9168, MY9163, MY9183 under "LED Display"

DZ2809 "DZ2809 compatible LPD1109 9-channel Constant-Current LED Driver Grey-Level Modulate Output SMD SO16"

INK1003 (WS2811 clone?) LX1003





BS0815 LY6620


LD15xx LD1510 LD1512 LD1530 LD1532

TLS3001 LX2003 LX2006




DM114 DM115 DM13C DM134 DM135 DM136


HBS1920 HBS1923


74HC595 6B595 TB62726 TB62706 ST2221A ST2221C XLT5026 ZQL9712 ZQL9712HV HEF4094 A8012